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Analyze your phone bill - Quick and Easy

We help you analyze your phone bill.

Your telecom service provider provides you itemized bills. However, it contains only phone numbers. It does not show the contact names and it is very confusing to find out whom we called and what was the call amount.

Find out the exact call amount spent for each contact. Group your contacts in contact groups and see call amount per contact group.

How to get started
  1. Download your phone bill in PDF format. DO NOT scan a printed bill. Use original downloaded PDF bill
  2. Go to Analyze Bill and upload your bill
  3. No registration required! - Simply upload bill and start analyzing
  4. If you have installed our app, you can simply synchronize your bill from mobile and start analyzing
Privacy Policy
  • We DO NOT collect any personal information from users. Hence, we DO NOT ask you to register.
  • You bill details are saved in a temporary session for your analysis.
  • After your session is expired, your details will be deleted permanently
  • If you want to delete your bill details from temporary session, clear your browser cache and cookies.
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